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Instant cash for your tablet

Instant money for your tablets at Buy & Sell. Do you still have tablets at home that you do not use at the moment? Then temporarily sell your tablet to Buy & Sell and receive cash immediately. Your tablet will remain in storage with us for 2 months, so that you can then buy it back again at the same agreed price plus storage costs (4.5% per month).

All tablets are valued by our own team at the current value, so you always get a fair and current price for your tablet. We then save your tablet against storage costs and ensure that nothing can happen to it. This way you will immediately receive cash and you do not have to worry about the safety of your tablet.

Please note that you must always carry your identification with you and be older than 18 years. Our minimum loan amount is 150 euros as long as the product(s) together represent a minimum second-hand value of 300 euros.

The benefits of purchasing Tablets

  • Fair and current price for your tablet
  • Instant cash for almost all tablets
  • Long period of storage (2 months)
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